A message from Steve Higgins, Stoosh Productions Inc.

We are very delighted to offer our services in the performing arts, and to share our current program of events. Stoosh Productions Inc brings together, top Jamaican and International talent , performing always to a to a wide audience. Our programming is always family oriented, and promises always to be upbeat, classy and fulfilling.

Stoosh Productions seeks to:

1. Offer entertainment par excellence through the delivery of a diverse musical repertoire, with selections spanning multiple genres including Contemporary songs, ballads, classics, religious works, pieces from musicals and theatre performances for All Celebrations of life such as milestones, weddings, banquets, and patriotic occasions.

2. Promote positive self- image to all young Jamaicans, (particularly second and third generation descendants born outside of Jamaica), in order to instill in them a lasting sense of pride and respect, while fostering a better understanding of who they really are and their unique history.

3. Be involved in religious worship, through vocal and instrumental musical renditions within the Caribbean Diaspora .

4. Demonstrate to the wider society the more genteel side of Jamaican culture, highlighting the beauty and inspiration through the use of indigenous and international cultural art forms.

5. Provide insight to Jamaican heritage and roots through music and the performing arts, working with event planners, local leaders to promote understanding through cultural presentations.

6. Perform voluntary service at National Jamaican events, providing support and lending expertise, thereby giving back to the community at both a national and international level.

7. Deliver cultural speeches and presentations to Caribbean audiences at intercultural Caribbean events.

8. Train young Jamaican children on authentic and /or creative expressions, through direct training and via lecture demonstrations.